Leah Groth






About Me

I have a background in journalism, and a passion for words. I work as a writer and editor for internationally recognized print and online publications. I also write for brands. You have seen my work here: Glamour, Prevention, mindbodygreen, Business Insider, Apartment Therapy, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Livestrong, Ravishly, Fit Pregnancy, Fatherly, Women’s Day, Upworthy, xoJane, Babble, Mommy Nearest, ScaryMommy and LivingHealthy. 

Why Companies

Hire Me

I deliver, efficiently and effectively.
I am easy to work with.
My ideas are original, my stories are thought-provoking.
I have a command of AP and Chicago Styles.
I have a distinct voice, but can also write in yours.
My content is SEO-friendly and attracts traffic.
I have enthusiasm and energy.


My Work


I write. A lot. Take a look at my portfolio for a sample of my work.


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